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Hot rice salad food recipes

Hot rice salad

400g rice 30ml sunflower oil 875ml boiling water 250g mushrooms 2 chickenstock cubes 250g becon 3 onions 1 large tomato 1 clove garlic 5ml salt 1 medium green pepper pinch of black pepper Method Cook the rice in boiling water to which the chicken stock cubes have been added, until it is soft but not […]

Betternut soup

  Ingredients   1 large butternut or pumpkin 1 large potato 1 green apple 3 large leeks or 1 onion 500ml chicken stock 500ml beef stock black pepper grated nutmeg   Method   Peel and chop all veggies. Place in large pot and boil until soft. Liquidise, stir in cream, adjust seasoning, and simmer until […]

Pumpkin soup

  Ingredients   2 packets cubed pumpkin 4 big sliced carrots 2 big onions chopped 4 chicken stock cubes 2 big potatoes cubed 2 litres of water   Method   In a large pot cook all the ingredients together until nice and soft. Use a potato masher or liquidizer if you want a smooth result […]

Mushroom soup

  Ingredients   500g fresh mushrooms 500ml chicken stock 75g butter or margarine 1 tin (410grams) evaprated milk 2ml curry powder 5ml salt 30g cake flour pinch of pepper   Method   Clean the mushrooms on a damp kitchen towel and slice them. Fry mushrooms in the butter or margarine only until they start to […]

Chillie bites

  Ingredients   1\2 packet Packo Chillie Bite mix add a little cold water and mix 1 potato grated 1 onion sliced   Method   Add this to above mixture, mix well and fry in medium oil for 2 minutes. Cut lettuce leaves can also be added if required.      


  Ingredients   1 litre ginger ale 2 litres fruit cocktail juice or 1 litre soda water any other fruit juice\crush juice 1 litre schweppes granadilla 1 tin fruit cocktail   Method   If it is a very hot day a fizzy punch with strawberries in looks and tastes lovely, especially if served in fluted […]