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Black bean and avocado salad – Recipe 1

Black bean and avocado salad – Recipe

This simple, quick salad is a vegan feast packed with chilli, herbs and spices. It’s also gluten-free and dairy-free. This meal provides 549 kcal, 17g protein, 40g carbohydrate (of which 13.5g sugars), 36g fat (of which 6g saturates), 22g fibre and 2g salt per portion. Ingredients For the dressing 4 tbsp lime juice 7 tbsp […]

Chicken tikka salad – Recipe 2

Chicken tikka salad – Recipe

This high-protein dish is easy to assemble at work or at home. It makes a great packed lunch, and if you’re not on a diet just double the quantities. Ingredients 100g/3½oz ready-prepared, cooked chicken tikka, sliced 50g/1¾oz tinned brown or green lentils, drained and rinsed 50g/1¾oz cucumber, thinly sliced 2 spring onions, thinly sliced handful […]

Black lentil salad with vegetables and herbs food recipes

Black lentil salad with vegetables and herbs – Recipe

Caviar-like black lentils (also known as beluga lentils for that reason) add drama to juicy grape tomatoes, shallot and herbs. Turnip bulbs or broccoli stems cut into matchsticks deliver pale, crisp contrast, and the resulting salad is dressed in a rich, mustard vinaigrette. It makes a stunning side for a cook-ou1 cup (184g) black beluga […]

Curried chicken and rice salad food recipes

Curried chicken and rice salad: Recipe

For this Curried chicken and rice salad strips of chicken breast are tossed with spiced rice, flaked almonds, sliced apple, cherry tomatoes and long stem broccoli to make a colourful, filling and portable lunch. Simply pack into a plastic container, pop into a cool bag with a couple of ice blocks and keep well chilled. […]

Warm potato salad with shallot dressing: Recipe 3

Warm potato salad with shallot dressing: Recipe

Forget gloppy mayonnaise – this German-style potato salad is tangy with shallot and white wine vinegar. Ingredients 6 new potatoes, preferably Charlotte, Ratte and truffle salt 30ml/1¼fl oz olive oil, plus extra for drizzling 1 banana shallot, very finely chopped 25ml/1fl oz chardonnay vinegar 2 thyme sprigs, leaves only 1 portion summer leaves (eg, rocket, […]

Healthy tuna pasta salad food recipes

Healthy tuna pasta salad – Recipe

In ten minutes, you can serve this healthy tuna pasta as a salad in a packed lunch or for supper. Ingredients 150g/5oz whole wheat pasta, cooked according to packet instructions (to al dente) and drained 150g/5oz olives, chopped 150g/5oz canned tuna, drained 75g/2½oz Parmesan, grated 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp chopped fresh flatleaf parsley […]