Cheese and onion tartlets

Cheese and onion tartlets 1

Ingredients for filling
White sauce
15ml flour
125g grated chedder cheese
250ml milk
1ml salt
1 egg
pinch of cayenne pepper
1g mixed herbs
1\2 onion – diced
(double mixture for all 400g pastry).
melt margarine on low heat and add flour slowly, stirring all the time.
add half the cheese and milk and mix.
combine the remainder of ingredients and cook on low heat till slightly firm.
spoon into pastry in patty pans.
cook for 15 minutes, serve hot.
prepare patty pans with pastry by cutting circles with cookie cutter or glass.
place in greased patty pans before doing white sauce.
alternate fillings with bacon, tuna, chicken mayonnise etc.

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