Gluten-free ginger bread biscuits: Recipe

Gluten-free ginger bread biscuits: Recipe 1

Gluten-free ginger biscuits to accompany his ginger cheesecakes, cutting out some of the dough into house-shaped biscuits. But the recipe is so good, you’ll want to keep a box handy for nibbling.

230g/9oz buckwheat flour, plus extra for dusting
120g/4¼oz potato flour (also known as potato starch)
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
½ tsp xanthan gum
pinch sea salt flakes
3 heaped tsp ground ginger
110g/3¾oz cold unsalted butter, cubed
1 large free-range egg
170g/5¾oz soft light brown sugar
2 tbsp syrup from a jar of preserved stem ginger
2 tbsp date syrup or maple syrup

Gluten-free ginger biscuits


Preheat the oven to 190C/170C Fan/Gas 5. Line two baking sheets with baking parchment.

Sift the flours into a large mixing bowl and add the bicarbonate of soda, xanthum gum, salt and ground ginger. Rub in the butter until there are no visible lumps (or blend in a food processor). Stir in the brown sugar.

Beat the egg with the two syrups and pour into the dry ingredients. Stir in the liquid with a knife and then knead it by hand until the mixture comes together as a soft dough.

Dust a work surface with buckwheat flour and roll out the dough to 4mm thickness. Using biscuit cutters or a template, cut out the biscuits.

Transfer to the prepared baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes or until golden-brown. Allow the biscuits to cool for a few minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.


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