Sugar-free breakfast waffles – sweetened with grated sweet potato

Sugar-free breakfast waffles – sweetened with grated sweet potato 1

4 – eggs
2 – medium orange sweet potatoes, peeled and finely grated
– pinch of salt
5ml – vanilla essence
500ml – self-raising flour
– honey (optional)
60ml – olive oil
250ml – milk


Grease a waffle maker with nonstick spray.

1 In a mixing bowl, lightly mix the self-raising flour,salt and sweet potatoes.

2 Whisk the milk, eggs,vanilla essence and oil together and add to the flour mixture.

Cover and leave to stand for at least 30 minutes.

3 Heat the waffle machine.Ladle a portion of the batter onto the heated cooking surface.

Cook until done, then repeat until you’ve used all the batter.

Leave the waffles to cool on a wire rack.

4 To store, cut the waffles into portions and stack on top of one another,separating each layer with baking or wax paper.

Wrap the stack in cling-film.

Freeze for up to a month or keep in the ridge for up to a week.

5 To serve If frozen, re-move the waffles from the freezer the previous night and defrost in the fridge. Toast the waffles in a toaster and serve with honey (if using).


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